Froyo-Homepage wisecampus_homepage indycellula4less_homepage cooper_bariatrics salons_of_castleton Access-Garage-Doors-Screen-Shot
  • Froyo Retail Website

    Example of non sales Retail site built by 360

  • Wisecampus Homepage

    Wisecampus was built from the ground up with live support, purchasing, uploading multiple files, and much more. The site is current restricted to permission only because the site was sold.

  • IndyCellular4Less

    360 Developed IndyCellular4less Website as a fully functional eCommerce site with a magento back-end

  • Cooper Bariatrics

    360 work with Dr. Coopers web development

  • Salons of Castleton

    Informational site with easy admin to allow for new stylist's

  • Access Garage Doors Website

    An Example of a Html and PHP built from the ground up visit at

See some of our work here!



  • cooper_bariatrics was created in less then 2 weeks to quickly build Dr. Cooper a web presences. There former web developered had suddenly left after implemented a bad generation one website. Luck for them 360 Development came to rescue and got there site not only working, but a far superior website. We know doctors do not have a lot of time to go through sites so we wrote all the information ourselves, got patent testimonials, and took care of as much content as possible.

  • wise_campus_featured

    Wisecampus was an online depository for college lecture notes and was sold in 2011. was 360 Developments first creation and was completely built from the ground up. It was built with a heavy slant toward a social networking platform right when facebook was becoming mainstream.

  • froyo_logo was designed and implement by 360 development to make a simple retro feel to a retail yogurt store. They wanted an active social feed on the homepage as well as easy access to information. The site was actually built before the store opened making all the artwork (at first) have to be manually created.

  • indycellula4less_Full_homepage

    E-Commerce Website was created for e-commerce purposes. We created a flexible admininstration area to allow the company to constant update new phones, edit details, track inventory, save lists, client login side, and much more. Since then we have implemented social networking ascpects, redesign their logo, and rebranded their company. They are now the top e-commerce site for used cellphones in Indianapolis.

  • Salons_of_casleton_full_homepage

    Salons of Castleton is flexible PHP MySQL site. We made the site so it would rotate between each stylist with easy. We used google maps to show where the location was and allow clients to get printable directions (we used are own API to track and save who searches for directions).We also made the website easily updatable for new stylists, and admin area to feature their own profile.

  • access_full_homepage

    Access Garage Doors was inherited by us as a flash site. We turned the site around and redesign it to be html 5 compatible. A big reason for this was the flash slider could not be seen on Ipads and Iphones. We implement a flicker slideshow so the images would be picked up through search engines, allow more back links (because it is a difficult Industry to get social feedback), and allow the owner to simply login into his flicker account to change his photo album pictures.

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